Q. Why is it important to meditate?

Stacy Kamala Waltman answers:
“You can learn to be more present with better attention to details by practicing a little meditate every single day. Through meditation you will learn to practice a set of skills which focuses your attention on one point and trains you to be fully present in the moment. Studies show that brain size and intellectual capacity increase as a direct result of a daily meditation practice.

Many photos show people meditating with crossed legs and their knees up in their air.  This causes undo stress on the back.  This undo stress is the opposite of yoga.  The goal of yoga is to be at ease in body, mind and spirit.  Therefore, at a minimum, strive to have your knees at least parallel to your hips while sitting.

You can achieve this by sitting on the edges of blankets or pillows until you can achieve more flexibility in the hip joints.  Ultimately it is best if the knees are a little lower than the hips so the body can rest at ease while you are training the mind in meditation.”

For information on my Distance Learning Meditation Program please visit:  Meditation Training with SKW.

To your health!



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4 Responses to WHY MEDITATE?

  1. I use many types and forms of meditation. The important thing is to practice meditation wherever it works for you. I meditate while driving, riding my lawn mower or as I call it “tractor Time”, or sitting upright or in the position used in Yoga Nidra. The tractor times and driving vibrations seem for me to churn up things for me to contemplate and meditate on. My goal is to listen to the “whispers” of spirit from however they enter my awareness.
    Great Post!

  2. Julie Sears says:

    Sitting on a folded up blanket or pillow really helps and of course, good instruction and practice. I practice all day. For example, while walking, just be mindful and fully present of your surroundings and of walking. The more you practice, the more you will find the skills learned in mediation flowing over into your life. Soon you will find yourself in a relaxed, non stressed state of awareness, where everything just seems to flow (most days, still human, lol) Thats how it worked for me anyway. 🙂

  3. Anna Aruna says:

    I have long known the benefits of Meditation but didn’t have a regular practice. While working with Kamala during our Coaching sessions she reminded me of the importance of a regular practice. I was reminded that 5 minutes every day is more important then 15 minutes once in a while. So now I have made it part of my morning ritual. After getting dressed for the day and giving my cat her morning cuddles I sit and meditate. Meditating after cuddling with a cat is great as it mood.

  4. Happy Doctor says:

    Yes, the best thing about meditation is that it is non competitive.
    We compete in almost everything, everyday… Even if its to seek someones attention. Good to have something so rewarding and yet zero competition.

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