Life Coaching and Yoga


My June 2012 workshop at Yogaville on Life Coaching and Yoga was a success!  Half of the class was new to yogic philosophy and all were curious how it combined with Life Coaching.  The other half of the class varied in their degrees of experience in yoga.  As usual it was interesting to teach in between the various levels of experience; too much here and a person might be bored, too much there and a person might be overwhelmed.  Yogaville was a gracious hostess and provided me with everything I needed to conduct a fruitful weekend study program.  I was even given two amazing assistants who proved invaluable and ensured that everyone was well cared for.  At the end of the workshop I asked each person to identify something they experienced or learned as a result of the workshop.  One sweet participant said, “I found and experienced love.”  Ahhhh….it doesn’t get much better than that.  Looks like I’ll be on Yogaville’s 2013 program calendar too!  Hope you all can make it next year! 


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1 Response to Life Coaching and Yoga

  1. julie sears says:

    I loved it. You did a wonderful job creating an environment that was comfortable and condusive to sharing. You established equanimity between you and “us”. There was definetly a collective consciousness among us all and the love was felt all.

    The last thing I did was go to Chidambaram and did some meditating. When I was done I thanked Sri Gurudev for sharing his teachings with you, so that you may share them with others (specially me, lol).

    You are a treasure, Kamala! I am grateful to have been able to attend your workshop!

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