Getting Past Control into Alignment ~


  • Q.  Why do so many of us try to over-control things, people, experiences, etc.?

    Stacy Kamala Waltman:

    “The ego loves to categorize, compartmentalize and remain in either/or thinking. These behaviors give us a false sense of control and security. With training though, we can get past these ideas of excessive effort and begin to learn to ‘lean into’ the Divine. However, in my experience, this takes vigilance and constant awareness as there is almost a magnetic charge pulling us into contracted rather than expanded thinking. This is one of the reasons I am such a big advocate of Meditation. We learn to deactivate this habitual thinking through daily meditation.  I teach a Customized Meditation Coaching Program for those who have tried mediation but are unable to establish a daily practice. There is also a program for those who have never meditated before: Customized Meditation Training.”

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2 Responses to Getting Past Control into Alignment ~

  1. KamalaYoga says:

    Beautiful Julie Sears! That is exactly true. Rowing your boat gently down the stream letting the current direct you while a little bit of effort (action) is taken by you.

  2. julie sears says:

    Letting go of control is another form of surrender to me. ❤

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