Yoga Nidra CD Program ~

Yoga Nidra / Authentic Yoga Nidra
a five (5) CD program of progressively paced Yoga Nidra classes. ~

This is a five (5) CD package of progressively paced authentic Yoga Nidra, Deep Relaxation/Meditation classes taught by Meditation Master, Stacy Kamala Waltman.

Stacy’s voice is full of presence and carries the power of an ancient lineage.  With over 30 years of spiritual training under Swami Satchidananda and an impressive list of credentials, her program stands out from the crowd of yoga newbie’s and dull spiritless tones; her voice is one of deep resonance.  This program is profound.

Available on  Yoga Nidra five (5) CD package

As a tool to counteract the stressful effects of today’s culture, Yoga Nidra helps the mind unwind while the body learns to lean into itself. Internal organs begin to unwind and blood pressure regulates. Accumulated stress begins to dissipate, the adrenal glands relax, and breathing slows and deepens; oxygenating the entire system. The body’s natural healing powers are allowed to rise as we surrender into inner ease.

Yoga Nidra also provides relief from headaches, reduces body pain, improves concentration, stabilizes the emotions, eliminates insomnia, lowers blood pressure, reduces fatigue, and improves bowl function. As we become more proficient in the art of letting go in Yoga Nidra we learn to reconnect to our true source and health is restored. Stacy’s voice is attuned to the highest vibrations allowing you to deeply rejuvenate.

Customer Reviews: Product Reviews

Available on  Yoga Nidra five (5) CD package

Additional reviews:

“I facilitate meditation myself, and meditate often. I have looked for guided meditation tapes to enhance my experience, but have never reached such a full scope of surrender, as I have with this Yoga Nidra series.  Stacy’s voice is so warm, loving, and it takes me to a place of stillness, without the distraction of the mind. The classes have energized and empowered me to help with the adversities in my life that I have been challenged with. I am so glad I have your classes recorded, as I will continue to listen and practice even after the course ends. I have only reached the third class as of yet, and am anxiously waiting for the opportune time without kids, and errands to run, to get further into the series. Thank you so much.” ~ Misty Dawn, Florida


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